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A lot of industries are booming in the United States nowadays, and one of them is marine construction. Norfolk, VA is a city that is surrounded by different bodies of water, and a lot of businesses there rely on ports, docks, and bridges to connect them to other parts of the state. Marine construction in Norfolk, VA has become vital in the city’s economic progression.

Marine construction in Norfolk, VA is all about designing, building, and maintaining water infrastructure. Experts who do marine construction in Norfolk, VA are responsible for making sure that every mechanism and system built on and along coasts is functioning properly. With the growing projects for marine construction in Norfolk, VA, demand within the industry has increased not just in the state, but all over the world.

Reasons to Pursue a Career in Marine Construction in Norfolk, VA

If you are the adventure- and thrill-seeking type, then getting in the field of marine construction in Norfolk, VA might just be the right move for you. Nowadays, there are many academies all over the US that provide education and training for marine construction in Norfolk, VA, so you can easily pursue this career. Marine construction in Norfolk, VA welcomes different types of workers, experienced or not.

Marine construction in Norfolk, VA is not for the faint-hearted because it is considered as one of the most high-risk jobs in the world. However, doing marine construction in Norfolk, VA is also one of the most gratifying careers in terms of opportunities and pay. If you are still undecided about getting in the field of marine construction in Norfolk, VA, here are some of the reasons that might convince you:

Marine Construction in Norfolk, VA Can Teach You Different Skills

Becoming a professional in marine construction in Norfolk, VA makes you more proficient in different aspects of the field. When you study marine construction in Norfolk, VA, you become knowledgeable in building, designing, surveying, and maintaining various water infrastructures. These skills can be used in other contracting jobs as well.     

Marine Construction in Norfolk, VA Opens Up Numerous Career Opportunities

As long as you have gained proper training and technical expertise in marine construction in Norfolk, VA, you’ll never have difficulty in landing a job in the field. There are some professionals in marine construction in Norfolk, VA who are sea-based, which requires them to travel to different sites. Some people opt for shore-based marine construction in Norfolk, VA, which allows them to stay on land.

Once you’re fully trained in marine construction in Norfolk, VA, you now have the option to specialize in one area. You can either choose designing and building structures, maintenance and inspection, or supervising and teaching. You’ll never run out of career options in marine construction in Norfolk, VA.

Marine Construction in Norfolk, VA Gives You Financial Security

It is widely known that a career in marine construction in Norfolk, VA pays well, especially in the United States. A professional in marine construction in Norfolk, VA earns an average wage of around $71,800 yearly. Your median salary can even go higher if you have an engineering background in marine construction in Norfolk, VA.

Get in Touch With Our Professionals in Marine Construction in Norfolk, VA

UMX is a commercial diving and marine construction service provider. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, our company continues to bring superior quality craftsmanship to every project we do. Our team is made up of certified divers and contractors who deliver effective and innovative coastal construction solutions.

We make sure to complete all of our contracts with our clients right on time and on budget. If you are looking for a company with safety as its number one priority, then turn to us and our well-trained and knowledgeable contractors. Feel free to give our professional staff a call today to learn more information about our services and offers.

A Global Marine Specialty Contractor

If you own a business in a coastal area, the type of services your property needs varies greatly from that of inland structures. You’ll have to look for a reputable marine contractor that can repair a ramp, dock, or a shoreline erosion control structure. Whatever construction project you’re planning, having an experienced professional will help ensure its success.

Find a respected company like UMX that has a reliable, dedicated staff and certified professionals who can work on different kinds of marine heavy construction projects. We believe in looking for innovative solutions while holding our employees to high standards. To sustain our reputation in the industry, we hold on to these core values: ensuring safety, using best practices, and continued training that meets federal, state, and local regulations.

The UMX Story

At UMX, our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we are committed to continued self and team development to provide our clients with better services. Our professionals are all highly trained, experienced, and certified commercial divers and marine contractors. You can rely on us to do the job right every time.

Through our ethical business practices and expert team, we will consistently deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to complex problems. With our devotion to strengthening marine infrastructures, we also hope to strengthen communities and enhance environmental stability. Here are our quality services:

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting/Concrete Core Drilling

If you need demolition services for land-based and underwater concrete metal cutting applications, turn to us! Since this task is complex and every project is unique, our professional team will design coordinated visual plans to ensure efficiency and clarity on the job site.

What’s great about our process is that we strive to maintain the integrity of all surrounding structures and produce minimal debris as much as possible. We can cut through anything, from concrete retaining walls to reinforced rebar, with  high accuracy. Rest assured that our operators will deliver cost-effective solutions according to your desired timeline and results. 

Emergency Response & Salvage

The UMX staff is trained and highly responsive in emergency response & salvage operations while ensuring safety. No matter how complex the situation or project, we will not hesitate to be your partner. We have strategically stationed vessels and a 24-hour response center to ensure rapid response in case of a marine incident.

Diving Services

You can entrust jobs like power plant maintenance and repair or rigging to us. As a leading commercial diving firm, we have a certified and versatile team who can operate safely in any subsea environment for up to 300 feet underwater. In addition, we have the resources to provide you impeccable services on short notice.

Marine Construction & Engineering

We offer a full range of construction & engineering services for marine and waterfront structures. From assessments to pipeline installation, UMX can do it for you. To ensure quality workmanship, we employ safety principles first, do extensive research, and pursue options after. Our team prioritizes communication with stakeholders to keep everybody in the loop.


Since our aim is to protect the waters, we always operate in full compliance with environmental regulations and policies. In addition, we can offer services that restore contaminated waterways and wetlands. Our contractors are equipped to treat wastewater and remove hazardous materials while following responsible practices.

From managing crisis situations to long-term planning, we reinforce our commitment to sustainability. We always do everything we can to eliminate the effects of our operations on the environment.

Get Certified Marine Construction Services Today

Take advantage of the services of a reliable and ethical marine construction company now. UMX offers premium-quality solutions, like diamond wire saw cutting, emergency operations, and more, to maritime communities in Jacksonville, Florida.  We are committed to continued self and team development to ensure that we can provide the highest standard of workmanship to all our clients. You can contact our staff at (904) 503-2191.


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