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At Underwater Mechanix Services, environmental issues are important to us. Our aim is to protect the waters and spaces where we work.

We operate in full compliance with environmental regulations and policies, and offer custom solutions for the environmental sector. From crisis situations to long-term planning, we deliver quality services that restore contaminated waterways and wetlands.

UMX is equipped to treat wastewater and hazardous materials through responsible environmental practices. We believe it is our responsibility to preserve our clients’ water resources. By proxy, we can protect the wildlife that depend on these bays, rivers, and streams.

Our dedication to sustainability and the environment has earned us a distinction in environmental stewardship. This, we believe, highlights the degree to which UMX connects with clients, business partners, the general public, and the world at large. We reinforce our commitment to sustainability by doing everything we can to eliminate the environmental effects of our operations.

Our Environmental Services include:

Artificial Reef Installation

Spring Restoration

Wetland Remediation

Erosion & Sediment Control

Why Choose UMX

Reasons to Choose Our
Marine Services


Our core values ensure safety, use of best practices and continued quality training that meets and exceed regulations.


UMX believes in bringing quality craftsmanship to the marine construction industry and hold our staff to a higher standard.


We believe in finding innovative solutions within best practices paired with delivering the best cost possible for each client.


Full compliance of USACE (EM385-1-1), ADCI, USCG and OSHA regulations for commercial diving and marine construction.


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