Diamond Wire Saw Cutting

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Wire Saw Cutting

Including bridge, dam, dock, wharf, and pier modifications.
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UMX provides premium-quality diamond wire saw cutting and concrete demolition services.

A specialty diamond wire cutting and concrete core drilling contractor, we provide tailored field services for land-based and underwater concrete and metal cutting applications. Since every job is unique, the UMX team designs coordinated, visual plans to boost efficiency and clarity on the jobsite.

Our diamond wire saw cutting process focuses on concrete cutting and drilling process that maintains the integrity of all surrounding structures, reduces vibrations, produces minimal debris, and creates a smooth surface free from overcut corners. UMX can cut through anything with the highest surgical accuracy, from concrete retaining walls to reinforced rebar. UMX saws and operators consistently deliver cost-effective solutions in line with your desired construction timeline and outcomes.

Power Plant Retrofitting

Underwater Cutting

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Our core values ensure safety, use of best practices and continued quality training that meets and exceed regulations.


UMX believes in bringing quality craftsmanship to the marine construction industry and hold our staff to a higher standard.


We believe in finding innovative solutions within best practices paired with delivering the best cost possible for each client.


Full compliance of USACE (EM385-1-1), ADCI, USCG and OSHA regulations for commercial diving and marine construction.


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