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Think UMX for Underwater Welding in Charleston, SC

The Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX) team is proud to bring years of experience to your underwater welding and commercial diving needs. Excellence in design, fabrication and execution drives us. We are based in Jacksonville, Florida, but are pleased to offer services around the nation and the globe, including those searching for Underwater Welding in Charleston, SC. Our customers know us by our work ethic, innovative and cost-effective designs, and dedication to safety. In today’s blog, we’re sharing some metal fabrication basics and walking you through what you can expect when working with UMX. 

Marine Metal Fabrication
Metal fabrication involves creating and welding metal parts and assemblies. There is far more to the UMX process than cutting, burning, welding, machining and grinding materials to blueprint specifications. Keep reading for a glimpse at the approach our professionals take to bring your underwater welding vision to life.

1. Project Design and Planning

Whether we’re developing custom blueprints or working from an existing plan, we meticulously note every detail of your project. We’ll factor in site and material considerations as well as functionality and design objectives. The lines of communication are open for customer feedback as we make any needed changes before finalizing plans.

2. Project Build and Testing

Once plans are finalized, the build process can begin. The materials used will vary by project and budget but range from stainless steel, aluminum and steel, brass, copper, galvanized metal and more. When creating everything from platform decking to custom barges and marine ladders, we use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software and the industry’s best hand and power tools.

Each project is unique, but typically the build process involves the following:

– Welding

– 3D or laser cutting

– Pressing and forming metal

– Finishing metal

– And more

All of our projects go through a quality control process to ensure materials meet and exceed industry standards.

3. Project Installation and Inspection
With safety at the forefront, the UMX team begins the installation process. Whether the majority of the work happens offsite or onsite depends on the project. A combination of installation techniques will be employed, such as welding, riveting, joining and more. We go through a careful inspection process with durability and safety in mind.[2] For Commercial Diving in Charleston, SC and beyond, we operate in full compliance of USACE (EM385-1-1), ADCI, USCG as well as OSHA regulations for commercial diving and marine construction.

Working with UMX
If your search for Marine Construction in Charleston, SC or Construction Diving in Charleston, SC brought you here, know that UMX professionals are dedicated to transparency and ethics. We keep a laser-sharp focus on customer retention and have a team of experts ready to collaborate to reach your project goals. Our staff includes Commercial Diving Supervisors, Erosion Control Specialists, Certified Welder Fabricators, Certified Diving Paramedics, ROV Technicians, NCCCO Certified Crane Operators and Certified Bridge, among others. We would love the opportunity to earn your business! Contact us with your questions, quote requests or to learn more about what we offer.

Visit Our Project Gallery
When reviewing the work of Commercial Diving Companies in Charleston, SC, we invite you to browse our project gallery.

Notable projects include:

  • – Platform Decking for the USCG in Tampa Bay
  • – Custom Built Barge
  • – Marine Ladders for NAVFAC, Charleston Pier
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