Marine Contractors Charleston SC

Underwater construction involves highly complex and technical procedures that only professionals should perform. To ensure that you’ll get the results you need, it’s best to trust marine contractors in Charleston, SC. Choosing the right team of marine contractors in Charleston, SC will also give you peace of mind that safety can be ensured at all times.


How to Find Reliable Marine Contractors in Charleston, SC

If you need installation, maintenance, or repair services for the underwater structures of your business, it’s best to trust experienced marine contractors in Charleston, SC. But with how niche the industry can be, looking for a good team can be a bit difficult if you don’t know where to start. Here are some ways you can find marine contractors in Charleston, SC:

Ask Around for Trusted Marine Contractors in Charleston, SC

Word-of-mouth persists to this day as a reliable way of knowing which businesses to trust. There are lots of individuals who are more than willing to give their opinion on the teams they’ve hired as marine contractors in Charleston, SC. You can start by asking your friends if they have peers who have worked with marine contractors in Charleston, SC before.

Inquire your fellow entrepreneurs if they know which marine contractors in Charleston, SC offer quality services. Note the companies who get mentioned multiple times. The frequency of being recalled is a good indicator that they are dependable marine contractors in Charleston, SC.

Get a List of Licensed Marine Contractors in Charleston, SC From the Local Government

Before they can provide their services in the area, marine contractors in Charleston, SC are required to be certified by the local government. They have to pass a test and regularly renew their license to work. You may get quality leads from the officiating organization for marine contractors in Charleston, SC.

Getting a list of service providers can help you assess the recommendations that you got from your peers regarding their trusted marine contractors in Charleston, SC. You can crosscheck which referred marine contractors in Charleston, SC have not yet had their certifications updated.

Search Through Review Sites for Reputable Marine Contractors in Charleston, SC

Lots of businesses and service providers are already searchable in review sites all over the internet, including marine contractors in Charleston, SC. You can check your existing list to see which marine contractors in Charleston, SC were given high ratings. There may also be useful testimonials about the solutions that each company is best hired for. Select the team that is expert in handling the project that you are pursuing.

Do a Thorough Social Media Search for Reliable Marine Contractors in Charleston, SC

Social networking sites (SNS) are useful for looking for marine contractors in Charleston, SC, especially if you know what tools to use. For example, Facebook has features that can narrow down your search. It has a proximity filter that will help you find which marine contractors in Charleston, SC are within a few kilometers from you.

There are marine contractors in Charleston, SC who may have made news for their excellent solutions. These are easily searchable in SNS platforms, especially if you click on or use hashtags appropriate for the industry. Marine contractors in Charleston, SC may also post their works on Instagram. You can check the quality of their projects and assess for yourself if you would like to hire them.

Need Professional Marine Contractors in Charleston, SC? We Got Your Back!

You deserve the right solutions for your needs, delivered efficiently and performed by some of the most reliable marine contractors in Charleston, SC. We at UMX are here to provide excellent services at reasonable rates.

Our team of marine contractors in Charleston, SC are fully trained for various types of underwater construction and commercial diving requirements. We use high-quality equipment to ensure the safety of our crew. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can help you out!

A Global Marine Specialty Contractor

If you own a business in a coastal area, the type of services your property needs varies greatly from that of inland structures. You’ll have to look for a reputable marine contractor that can repair a ramp, dock, or a shoreline erosion control structure. Whatever construction project you’re planning, having an experienced professional will help ensure its success.

Find a respected company like UMX that has a reliable, dedicated staff and certified professionals who can work on different kinds of marine heavy construction projects. We believe in looking for innovative solutions while holding our employees to high standards. To sustain our reputation in the industry, we hold on to these core values: ensuring safety, using best practices, and continued training that meets federal, state, and local regulations.

The UMX Story

At UMX, our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we are committed to continued self and team development to provide our clients with better services. Our professionals are all highly trained, experienced, and certified commercial divers and marine contractors. You can rely on us to do the job right every time.

Through our ethical business practices and expert team, we will consistently deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to complex problems. With our devotion to strengthening marine infrastructures, we also hope to strengthen communities and enhance environmental stability. Here are our quality services:

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting/Concrete Core Drilling

If you need demolition services for land-based and underwater concrete metal cutting applications, turn to us! Since this task is complex and every project is unique, our professional team will design coordinated visual plans to ensure efficiency and clarity on the job site.

What’s great about our process is that we strive to maintain the integrity of all surrounding structures and produce minimal debris as much as possible. We can cut through anything, from concrete retaining walls to reinforced rebar, with  high accuracy. Rest assured that our operators will deliver cost-effective solutions according to your desired timeline and results. 

Emergency Response & Salvage

The UMX staff is trained and highly responsive in emergency response & salvage operations while ensuring safety. No matter how complex the situation or project, we will not hesitate to be your partner. We have strategically stationed vessels and a 24-hour response center to ensure rapid response in case of a marine incident.

Diving Services

You can entrust jobs like power plant maintenance and repair or rigging to us. As a leading commercial diving firm, we have a certified and versatile team who can operate safely in any subsea environment for up to 300 feet underwater. In addition, we have the resources to provide you impeccable services on short notice.

Marine Construction & Engineering

We offer a full range of construction & engineering services for marine and waterfront structures. From assessments to pipeline installation, UMX can do it for you. To ensure quality workmanship, we employ safety principles first, do extensive research, and pursue options after. Our team prioritizes communication with stakeholders to keep everybody in the loop.


Since our aim is to protect the waters, we always operate in full compliance with environmental regulations and policies. In addition, we can offer services that restore contaminated waterways and wetlands. Our contractors are equipped to treat wastewater and remove hazardous materials while following responsible practices.

From managing crisis situations to long-term planning, we reinforce our commitment to sustainability. We always do everything we can to eliminate the effects of our operations on the environment.

Get Certified Marine Construction Services Today

Take advantage of the services of a reliable and ethical marine construction company now. UMX offers premium-quality solutions, like diamond wire saw cutting, emergency operations, and more, to maritime communities in Jacksonville, Florida.  We are committed to continued self and team development to ensure that we can provide the highest standard of workmanship to all our clients. You can contact our staff at (904) 503-2191.


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